Stop letting your credit score hold you back.

As a credit repair specialist with over a decade of experience, I know one thing for certain – it doesn’t take long to make a big impact on your credit score. I’ve helped thousands of clients
increase their credit scores, most of whom see game-changing results in the first 30-90 days.

What are you waiting for? Your credit score has a huge impact on your life, either as an asset or a huge source of stress.

Let’s make sure your credit is working FOR you from now on.


Fixing your credit might seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be!

I’ve created simple tools to help you get the credit education you never got in school, learn how to evaluate your existing credit, and empower you to increase your credit scores AND learn the good credit habits that will keep them up.

The DIY starting point

Online Workshops
Take DIY to the next level

One-on-One Coaching
Invest in full-service repair

Where you start depends on how you like to learn. Love to DIY? Start with my guides! Want one-on-one help? Full-service coaching might be for you!
Or maybe you’re ready to become your own credit expert by diving into my online workshops.

Whatever you choose, I’ll make sure the steps are simple, the reasons are clear, and the result is a credit score you’re proud of.

Your Guide to


Learn quick tips on:

  • NWhy credit scores matter
  • NHow the credit score process works
  • NDifferent scores and sources
  • NWhy credit scores vary

If you want better credit now, your not alone


Payton K.

“Thanks to Nicole I now have a great financial plan which will increase my score quickly, she gave me great advice on which cards to close and which to keep and why and for a very reasonable price she was able to guide me in the right direction!”

Melissa A.

I highly recommend anyone who is wanting to take charge of their credit score to consider having a consult with Nicole. It’s amazing how good a good (almost excellent) credit score feels!

Rick S.

I have nothing but unbelievably great things to say about Nicole. She will help you raise your credit score and focus on what’s important. Nicole has great expertise and has developed a fantastic business that will help people improve their credit scores so they can get the lowest possible interest rates and enjoy the benefits of having a higher credit score.

Sonya V.

Trying to repair my credit alone literally got me nowhere. Then I was referred to Nicole and in a matter of months, I was watching my score rise. I only wish I had found her sooner, which would have saved me so much money. Working with Nicole is worth the money and the results!!