Hi I’m

Nicole Soares

Credit Expert

In my thirty years of financial and credit industry experience, I noticed something alarming: most of the clients and customers I’ve worked with were
NEVER taught the credit basics they need to build a stable financial future.

I believe your credit is an essential part of your financial health, and that you
deserve to understand how to earn and maintain great scores.

I’ve figured out how to use insider financial tools and my vast credit knowledge to help YOU learn how to use credit to create a life you love – one free of stress, full of flexibility, and built on REAL security.

“The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity.”

~Amelia Earhart~


Before 2008, I was completely confident my financial future was secure.

The year was 2008. I had an international, blossoming career, owned two homes, lived in my dream city, had a killer credit score, and a bank balance and investments I was proud of. I felt safe and accomplished. I was delighted with all I had accomplished on my own as I was raised by parents who lived paycheck to paycheck and I wasn’t taught how to properly manage finances and credit at home or school.

I thought I had everything figured out.

When the housing market crashed, everything changed, and fast. I lost my two homes and my finances and credit took a massive beating. My stress levels went through the roof. I went from having it all to not knowing how I was going to put food on the table.

What I did next would change my life, forever.  I made a commitment to myself and my children to never be in that position EVER AGAIN.

Instead of staying stuck in regret, I decided to use my years of financial industry experience to rehab and future-proof my own finances and credit. It wasn’t easy nor did it happen overnight, but I did exactly that over the next few years.

My clients have shared their own unforeseen events over the years – divorce, medical emergencies, student loan debt, an unexpected housing market crash, a pandemic – challenge is inevitable and regardless of the cause – the recovery is often very similar.